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Wednesday Session 7 Schedule CHange

Attention: Wednesday Morning Session (7) is now starting at 10:30AM. Check your updated Heatlists for specific time you are now dancing.


Registration is now Live at the Hilton

Registration office has now moved to the Hilton Hotel. Online Registration and Online Tickets Sale are now closed. Please go the Registration Desk outside the


Heatlists 2022

Heatlists are now available here and on the DanceCOmp App


Message from the Organizers

Dear FriendsNew York Dance Festival 2022 is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to welcome you all once again in the heart of New York


Tentative Schedule of Events 2022

Monday February 21st Triannon Ballroom Session 1 Mercury Ballroom Session 2 Triannon Ballroom Session 3 Mercury Ballroom Session 4 Tuesday February 22nd Triannon Ballroom Session

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