Tentative Schedule of Event 2020

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ATTENTION: Major changes in the evening sessions schedule. Please dancers, get new Heat sheets with new time!

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Grand Ballroom

7am Session 1
Rhythm Solo & Formation Events
Pro-Am, Mixed Amateur, Student-Student Rhythm Single Dances
Pro-Am Rhythm Championships and Scholarships
Amateur Rhythm Multi Dances
Senior Rhythm Championships
8:30pm NYDF Dinner Dance Gala


Grand Ballroom

7am Session 2
Smooth Solo & Formation Events
Pro-Am, Mixed Amateur, Student-Student Smooth Single Dances
Pro-Am Smooth Championships and Scholarships
Amateur Smooth Multi Dances
Senior Smooth Championships
8:30pm Session 3
8:30pm Professional Rising Star Rhythm
8:50pm Open Under 21 Ballroom Championship
9:00pm Professional Rising Star Ballroom
9:50pm Open Amateur Smooth Championship
10:10pm Open Under 21 Latin Championship
10:37pm Junior & Youth Championship
10:43pm Professional Rising Star Smooth
10:59pm Professional Rising Star Latin
11:19pm Open Amateur Rhythm Championship
2025 Top American Style Awards


Grand Ballroom

7am Session 4
Ballroom Solo & Formation Events
Pro-Am, Mixed Amateur, Student-Student Ballroom Single Dances
Pro-Am Ballroom Championships and Scholarships
Amateur Ballroom Multi Dances
Senior Ballroom championships
8pm Session 6
8:00pm Junior & Youth Rhythm & Latin Championship
8:28pm Open Amateur Theater Arts/Cabaret Championship
8:40pm Professional Cabaret
10:14pm Open Amateur Ballroom Championship
10:41pm Professional Open Championship
11:08pm Professional Open Latin Championship

Terrace Ballroom

7am Session 5
07:00AM Pre-Teen International Ballroom Single Dance & Closed Ballroom Championship
08:51AM Pre-Teen International Latin Single Dance
12:32PM Pre-Teen Closed Latin Championship
01:26PM Junior & Youth International Ballroom Single Dance
01:41PM Junior & Youth Ballroom Multi Dance Event
02:19PM Junior & Youth International Latin Single Dance
03:13PM Junior & Youth Multi Dance Event


Grand Ballroom

7am Session 7
Latin Solo & Formation Events
Pro-Am, Mixed Amateur, Student-Student Latin Single Dances
Pro-Am Latin Championships and Scholarships
Amateur Latin Multi Dances
Senior Latin Championship
9pm Session 8
9:00pm Open Amateur Latin Championship
9:25pm Junior & Youth Ballroom Championship
10:12pm Professional Open Rhythm Championship
10:50pm Professional Open Ballroom Championship
2025 NYDF Top Awards

Terrace Ballroom

10am – 4:30pm American Style Congress
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