FIFA 2020 Tournament

Tradition Continues with the 2020 NYDF FIFA Tournament Make your team, train hard and get ready for some soccer action on: Saturday 29th, 2020 At the conclusion of the evening session Cash Prize for the Winning Team! $250

2019 NYDF Dance Camp

Attention All Dancers! 2019 NYDF Dance Camp Schedule is as follows: Private Lessons: 9AM-5PM Seminars: 5PM-7:30PM Rounds: 7:30PM-10PM We’re excited to see you all the #NYDF Dance Camp! It’s going to be sick! We absolutely cannot wait to kickoff the 2019 New York Dance Festival.#NYDanceTradition

Heatlists 2019

NYDF is once again partnering with DanceComp mobile app to provide you with all the most up to date information about the event. From Heatlists to Live Heat Counter, and Results, Schedule, Special Notifications, Reviews, and more. Download the App now to  and throughout the week to have the New York Dance Festival in your…