Reminder to everyone regarding the schedule for next weeks 2017 NYDF Dance Camp. The camp will be held Monday Feb 20th – Wednesday Feb 22nd, 2017 from 5PM-9PM at Brooklyn Dancesport Club.

This event is OPEN and WELCOME to EVERYONE

The New York Dance Festival begins with a lineup of #EPIC proportion! This February 20-22, 2017 join us for what is sure to be the greatest #DanceCamp to hit ballroom dancing in America!

Bryan Watson
Slavik Klyklyvyy
Markus Homm
Rufus Dustin
Greg Smith

Morning Session Reserved for Private Lessons
Group Workshops 5PM-7PM
Supervised Run Through 7PM-8:30PM

Please contact the organizer Eugene Katsevman for booking and registration.


Make the #NYDF a tradition of your own!