ATTENTION: Major Changes in Heat times

Attention Dancers!

There are major changes in tonight’s (Friday) evening session.  Your HEAT TIME is different and you may BE DANCING EARLIER than previously expected.

Please refer to the DanceComp Mobile App for the most updated heatlists and schedule.

HEAT 475 now starts at 7:00pm!!

That include the following dancers:

412 Leano Brown – Carmen Davids AC-
418 Tony Cooperman – Rickie Taylor AC-
453 Brandon Keck – Kaylee Christensen AC-
466 Dan Malov – Anna Kaczmarski AC-
468 Alex Maslanka – Christine Budniak AC-
471 Daniel Melnik – Maria Volski AC-
620 Tanner Cole – Serena Keck AC-
652 Kinsley Lin – Michelle Yiu AC-
671 Yuriy Markovetskiy – Samantha Bryk AC-
698 Gregory Rybakov – Eva Tulchinsky

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